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Stand-in and Photo Doubles

We often look for stand-ins and photo doubles.

A stand-in is someone who has an overall resemblance to the actor for whom they are standing in for so production can proceed with setting lights/shots before the actor is needed on set. This person is of similar height, weight, body type and hair colour as the main actor. Through the database we send out precisely what we are looking for. If you do not fit the requirements/measurements, please do not respond. We have likely already stretched the numbers as far as we can.

A photo double is someone who bears a striking resemblance to the actor for whom they are doubling. They match hair colour, body type, eye colour, weight, etc. From a distance, a viewer may think it is the same person as the main actor. Often used in long-shots, back of head shots, or getting in and out of a car.

Driving doubles are the same idea as photo double, however they require a G2 or full G license. Please do not respond to our emails in search of a photo-double if you do not fit the detailed requirements.